Award-Winning Aerial Cinematography!

We are proud to offer the following aerial video/drone services:

• Event Videography
• Commercial Real Estate
• Residential Real Estate
• Accident Investigation
• Promotional Video
• Music Video

• Surveys and Inspections
• Stock video
• Nature video
• Construction Tracking
• Aerial Panoramas
• More… just ask.

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Telly Award for Aerial Cinematography!

We are SO PROUD to have won a coveted First-Place Telly Award in 2017 for Aerial Cinematography. The Silver Award is the Telly's highest honor and we are thrilled to be recognized for our aerial work. We won this prestigious award for our Aerial Sizzle Reel, which you will find below.

  • Aerial Sizzle Reel!

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    Our first Aerial Sizzle Reel! All video & music produced by Matt Abourezk. Total Running Time 6:05

  • Mossman Sprint Triathlon

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    Mossman Sprint Triathlon had an even in Norwalk, CT. I met them on a cold, overcast morning and shot this footage to advertise the event.

  • Hole In the Wall Gang Camp

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    This amazing group of people do a "Pushup Challenge" to raise money for sending underprivileged kids to summer camp. This is a selection of clips that I shot to help promote the group.

Award-Winning 4k video in the sky

The technologies available in professional drones are amazing. Our flagship drones are small and quiet enough to get the shot without bothering the neighbors, but can shoot rock solid 4k footage with its stabilized gimbal. We can fly up to three miles away, all while wirelessly viewing HD video directly from the nose of the drone. Really amazing. Not only will our drones fly up to 45 mph, they can crawl to give incredible dolly shots at eye level too.

"The first time I flew a drone, I was hooked. Not only are modern drones amazing cinematic tools, they are the best toy EVER."

We LOVE to Fly.

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