Talkingbox Aerial

We have more than 1000 hours of drone flight time with thousands of photos and videos produced for our clients. Click from the options below to learn more about our services and to see samples of our work. If nothing else, watch the AWARD-WINNING "Scenic Aerial Reel".

Why choose Talkingbox for your aerial photography or video?

Talkingbox has been serving photography clients for 35 years and video clients for 22 years. We are simply bringing our skills as photographers and video producers to the sky. Drones are a new way for us to tell the stories we have been telling for two + decades. There is no replacement for experience coupled with tried and true creativity. Piloting a drone is a learnable skill. Creativity is something you either have or you don't. For us, it has been an easy transition to shooting aerial because we have SO many years of experience telling stories.

We are SO PROUD to have won TWO international awards for "Outstanding Aerial Cinematography" Be sure to check out our award-winning "Scenic Aerial Reel" above.

Aerial Cinematography "Aerial Sizzle Reel"
Aerial Cinematography "Aerial Sizzle Reel"