Kiosk videos present a unique challenge in that your story needs to be told every 10 seconds, and usually without audio.

Video is the HOT item on the web, and it is here to stay
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    This 2 min KIOSK video has is no audio and there are repeating messages every 10+/- seconds. This was a startlingly complicated edit.

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    Even WE needed a Kiosk video for a booth at a conference. Again, no audio and branding every 10 seconds or so.

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    Way back in 2004, we were contracted to create all of the graphics for the "Lou Dobbs 2004 Year in Review" special.
    This video contains a few clips from the live broadcast which show the graphics we created.

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    This is a 10 second TV ad that ran in heavy rotation on the History Channel . We had to recreate the History Channel website from scratch, including more than 100 layers of graphics elements.

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    Contracted with Body Strong to create a short opening animation for their online video series.

Not only can we create one-of-a-kind branded animations for you, we have purchased thousands of pre-built high-quality animations to meet your budget.

We LOVE coming in under budget.

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