Enjoy 2 minutes of delicious eye candy…
watch our SIZZLE REEL!
And if you are a video equipment geek, feel free to watch some of Matt’s product review videos.

  • Scenic Aerial Reel!

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    Our first Aerial Sizzle Reel! Turn up the music! All video & music produced by Matt Abourezk. Total Running Time 4 minutes

  • Commercial Aerial Reel!

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    Commercial Aerial Sizzle Reel - All work we have done for our clients. Turn up the music! All video & music produced by Matt Abourezk.

  • SizzleReelImage

    Enjoy 2 minutes of delicious eye candy! Turn up the volume. Enjoy.

  • HDSLRRig101Image

    With nearly 100,000 views, Matt’s first endeavor into the geeky world of instructional videos for budding videographers worked out pretty well.

  • Panny270Image

    This video grabbed the attention of Panasonic Broadcast and was featured in many well-known websites such as Panasonic Broadcast, Videomaker, and more.

Video is the HOT item on the web, and it is here to stay
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Featured Audio!

I was honored to be interviewed by Larry Jordan for the Digital Production Buzz. The 18 minute audio-only interview covered topics ranging from my career to clients to equipment. Click the image to the left if you are, well, a video geek.

Matt spoke and Panasonic listened! After Panasonic posted a “Case Study” about Matt and Talkingbox to their pro-video website, several other video industry websites such as Videomaker, Cinescopophelia, Creative Cow, and more joined in the fun.

We LOVE To Be Studied.

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