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Hello Photographers!
Experienced Photographer for hire.

Thanks for your interest. I have been a photographer for more than 35 years. New for 2016 was the addition of our Phantom 4 Drone camera. Now the sky is the limit. (Be sure to view our Aerial Sizzle Reel) Below is a list of the equipment that I currently own (I will try to keep this list updated as I move new equipment in); and software that I use daily. Although I don't think about renting my equipment, I could be talked into it.


Professional Experience as:
FAA Licensed Drone Pilot
Second Camera
Photographer's Assistant

Areas of Expertise:
My portfolio is diverse: Corporate, Aerial, Architectural, modeling, family, weddings, product, and more.


Cameras I own:
Canon 5D Mark III Canon 5D Mark II Panasonic GH5s
Canon G16 with underwater housing
DJI Mavic 2 Pro with Hasselblad lens

Lenses for Canon Cameras:
100 L-Series Macro
17-40 L-series
70-200 L-Series 2.8 EF II USM
2x L-Series Lens Extender

Aerial Camera
DJI Mavic 2 Pro with Hasselblad Cinema Lens. We can get the camera anywhere you need it.

Portable Light Kit:

FOUR Canon Speedlite 600 EX-RT strobes (radio control) with the Canon ST-E3-RT Transmitter. Each strobe includes an external battery pack. My portable lighting kit includes many accessories including 2 30” soft boxes, 2 16” soft boxes, one 5’ x 7’ Hi-lite background (or huge soft box) several 1’ soft box disks, and a wide assortment of light control accessories.

Other Camera info:
I have a massive amount of accessories for each of my camera packages including 7" Small HD monitors, 8’ Carbon Fiber tripod, high quality monopods, geared tripod head, Neutral Density & Circular Polarizing filters, HDMI Splitter, extra memory cards, and much much more.


Tripod & Head:
Manfrotto 405 Pro Geared Head
Manfrotto 057 4-section Carbon Fiber Tripod (9" to 81" height, 39.7lbs load)
Several other Manfrotto aluminum tripods and a variety of ball heads.

Kessler Pocket Jib with 80lbs counterbalance weights (accepts 75mm or 100mm ball heads for camera mounting. Supports 20lb camera at full 5' extension, 40lb camera at 3' extension)
Kessler Hercules 2.0 Head (100mm Ball, 150lbs load)
Kessler K-pod Tripod (43" to 70" height, 500 lbs load) with 6" wheels
Manfrotto 536 Carbon Fiber Video Tripod (11" to 80" height, 55lbs load)

NOTE: Combining the Manfrotto 536 Carbon Fiber tripod with the Kessler Pocket Jib allows the camera to be raised to a full height of nearly 12', as well as providing a nearly infinite amount of positioning capabilities. Camera can be monitored, settings changed, and shots fired remotely from my Macbook Pro.


All studio strobes fired using Pocket Wizard radio remotes.


One Photogenic PL2500 1000 w/s Monolight
One Photogenic PL1250 500 w/s Monolight
Three Photogenic Studiomax III 320 w/s Monolights

Light Modifiers and controls:
Wide variety of softboxes (ranging from 12" to 5'), umbrellas (ranging from 2' to 7'), snoots, reflectors and more.

Extensive collection of flag kits, light stands, C-Stands, Booms, reflector holders, gels, and soft boxes.


Professional level experience with:
Capture One Pro
Adobe Lightroom

Proficient with:
OnOne Pro (Effects and image manipulation plug-ins)
Adobe Illustrator CS5

Matthew Abourezk is a proud member of the following professional and community organizations:


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