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Our award-winning video production and Aerial services spans more than 22 years and includes an impressive list of world-class clients. You can rest assured that Talkingbox is prepared to meet all of your video needs, whether on the ground or in the air.

We have produced literally thousands of videos for use in broadcast, broadband, presentations, kiosks, instructional & safety, and much much more. Talkingbox has created a wide variety of project styles for clients ranging from Family to Fortune 500.

We build our videos one at a time. No cookie-cutter approach. Every client is different, every project is different. We will produce a video specifically to suit your needs.


Talkingbox is a scalable video production service. This means that we are prepared to produce your project whether you need just a shooter for a few hours, or a full production and creative team for a few months. We offer 4K shooting on land and in the air. We are equipped with a wide variety of camera support gear ranging from small portable jibs to motorized sliders to three 4k camera carrying drones. In addition, we offer expert video editing services, 2D & 3D animation, titling, audio editing, music bed authoring, and much much more. We are quite at home being part of a team that you have assembled, or we can take your project from concept to completion, its all good, we just love doing what we do.

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Talkingbox utilizes the latest HD and 4K technologies to generate the highest quality at the best price point. This not only allows us to produce small consumer projects at a reasonable cost, we can also accept large broadcast or photo projects with just about any level of complexity.

"...You need to shoot for the internet. Although many of the initial limitations of broadband delivered content have been relaxed by faster internet connections, there is still quite a difference between video broadcast use vs broadband use. Directors need to intuitively understand this difference when planning for camera moves, lighting, action, and the technical nuances of the wide variety of camera formats."
Matt Abourezk.

The term "Broadband Video" once meant "Video for the internet". But now the public expects video from a variety of media sources. These days people watch broadband videos from a huge variety of players ranging from mobile phones to tablets to computers and Smart TVs. As such, Broadband Video continues to get more complicated to produce.

It's enough to make you long for the days of VHS..... (well, maybe not). The dizzying array of options definitely make you wish for a simpler solution, and you have found it. Talkingbox will insulate you from the mechanics of getting what you want. Let us worry about the details and provide you with the final product, perfectly prepared for your clients to view. There are many many items that need to be considered to create the best broadband experience for your clients or customers. Some of these considerations are arrived at with simple logic, other considerations are the by-product of years of experience.

Utilizing both Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premier, we have stepped up to the future of high quality editing. Final Cut Pro X is the fastest editing environment on the planet, saving you a lot of cost and producing the highest quality results.

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