We are so proud that our work has appeared on NBC, CBS, CNN, MTV, VH1, The History Channel, and more.

Video is the HOT item on the web, and it is here to stay
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    This is a 10 second TV ad that ran in heavy rotation on the History Channel in 2005 & 2006 and was used to promote the video archives on the History Channel website.

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    "Bare Bulb" is a moody piece that encompasses feelings of isolation, yet with an undercurrent of hope. The video feeds off of the stark and dark humor of both the album cover art, and of the band itself.

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    Way back in 2004, we were contracted to create all of the graphics for the "Lou Dobbs 2004 Year in Review" special.
    This video contains a few clips from the live broadcast which show the graphics we created.

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    This upbeat and fun TV pilot features co-hosts in a “Yin-Yan” team that yields a “something’s gotta give” tug-of-war to each story.

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    Harvester is quirky group who are also great musicians. Our job was to create a low-cost music video that highlights the self-effacing attitude of the band. Have Fun.

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Featured Video!

"Kelsey On The House" appeared on the NBC affiliate COZI in the fall of 2013 and was broadcast to 43 million homes across the country. "Kelsey On The House" is not like any other home show. The show is fast paced, fun, with a stylized rough edge. No fake introductions, no typical HGTV banter. Expect to see the production behind the scenes as well.

Our NBC affiliated television production “Kelsey On The House” won a coveted Telly award!

We LOVE Awards.

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