Aerial Photography.The sky is literally the limit.

FAA License #4028358 - Certified for Commercial Work

We are proud to offer the following aerial photography services:

• Event Photography
• Commercial Real Estate
• Residential Real Estate
• Accident Investigation
• Promotional Photography
• Inspections

• Surveys
• Stock photography
• Nature photography
• Construction Tracking
• HDR and Aerial Panoramas
• More… just ask!

Why use a drone instead of an airplane or helicopter service?

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Let's face it: It's much less expensive to buy, maintain, insure, and operate a drone than a full sized airplane or helicopter. As such, it is less expensive to hire a drone pilot than a traditional pilot.

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Simply put; the 4K camera on our drone creates incredibly beautiful aerials, but more importantly we can fly that camera anywhere you need it. Drone wins the versatility battle, really isn't a fair competition since full sized aircraft are stuck at a minimum altitude of 500 ft.

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You can stand with the drone operator and see the photos as they are shot. You can ask for shots and get them in real time. When the shoot is over you will be totally confident that you have the photos you need.

Typical Aerial Photography Projects

  • Commercial Real Estate

    commercial real estate

    Commercial construction, corporations, commercial realtors, architects.

  • Commercial Real Estate

    Commercial Real Estate

    Commercial construction, corporations, commercial realtors, architects.

  • Residential Real Estate

    Residential Real Estate

    Realtors, architects, construction companies, zoning commissioners, landscapers, and more.

  • Nature Photography

    Nature Image

    Is an area difficult to access? Not a problem, we can fly in, get the shot, and get out.

  • Promotional

    Gas Station Image

    Promotional aerial photography for website, advertising, handouts, and much, much, more

  • Safety Inspections

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    There are many locations where it is simply easier to send a flying camera than to send a person.
    Building owners, insurance companies, construction companies and more.

  • Surveys

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    Commercial Real Estate

  • Surveys

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    Sometimes you just need to see the bigger picture.
    Land owners, zoning commissioners, banks, mortgage companies, and more.

We Love To Fly

"I've been shooting on the ground for more than 35 years.
It is SO exciting every time I launch a camera into the sky." - Matthew Abourezk

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