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All About Matt

"I have more than 35 years experience as a professional photographer, 22 years of experience as a videographer, and 15 years experience with broadband compression. Most recently, I've added three 4K drones to my arsenal of cameras and have now flown more than 800 hours. I have excellent collaborative skills and can take your project from concept to completion. I prefer being involved in all phases of the project, but I have no qualms about being just a cog in the machine. I've been involved with a huge variety of projects. As such, my skill set in most facets of video production and photography is extensive."

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My dad put a camera in my hands when I was 15. Once I took a look through the viewfinder, I never looked back.

My dad put a camera in my hands when I was 15. Once I took a look through the viewfinder, I never looked back.


My first paid photography gig was when I was 16 years old. I had been hired to shoot horses at an equestrian event in Reno NV. I had just picked up my brand new Canon AE1 on my way to the shoot. I still recall the chaos I brought to the road that day. 16 yrs old, driving a Ford LTD through Washoe Valley while reading the instructions for the camera. On the shoot, I kept referencing those instructions because I had never used a DSLR before. In the end, the shoot went well, the client was happy, and I just keep shooting.

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Video Producer & Director

I got into video quite by accident. In my younger days I was a professional touring rock drummer. The band I was with had toured Europe, Russia, and the states many times over. In 1992 the band declared it was going to break up so we did a farewell tour of Europe. I decided that someday (when I had kids) I would like something to show them about my youth so I bought a video camera to make "home movies" of the final tour. About 1/2 way through the tour, our record label president joined us on our bus for a couple of shows. She asked if I would be interested in producing a documentary of our final tour. Next thing I knew, I had a 70 minute documentary on sale world-wide. After that I was contacted by several rock bands, including major label bands and was asked to produce music videos. It all started from there.

Sidetracked by Apple

I owned a successful video company named "Axis Video Productions" from 1992 to 1996. In 1996 I was offered a full time job working on the Mac OS at Apple Computer. After a week of contemplation, I finally decided the offer was too enticing (being that I am a HUGE Mac fan) so I closed up the video shop for about four years and worked at Apple. During that time, Broadband became a catch word for the internet and I began exploring video and audio compression on the web. I started landing small video projects from Women.com which turned in to lucrative contracts with major corporations. Finally, after more than four years at Apple, I had no choice but to say goodbye and pursue this new media company that I named Talkingbox DMG.

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On a side note, I had the surreal experience of directing one of my favorite directors, the amazing Ron Howard. I was brought in to shoot an interview of Ron for a documentary. What a great guy! He was fun, conversational, had all kinds of “behind the scenes” stories about some of his blockbuster movies…. such a nice experience to work with him.

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