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I've been a photographer for more than 35 years and I estimate that I've shot more than a million images. My clientele, projects, and styles of shooting are extremely varied. When you visit my photo galleries you will see quite a range of skill sets. This is the kind of thing that happens when you have been doing something for more than 35 years. I like to say that I shoot everything from Families to Fashion to Fortune 500. The interesting thing about shooting such a range of styles is that the technical and creative challenges begin to overlap between styles, complimenting and improving each style.

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Interior and exterior aerial photography and video. Commercial real estate, residential real estate, promotions, advertising, events, and much more. Basically, if I can get one of my drones in the air at your location, I'll photograph (and/or video) whatever you need. Our drones are small, very much on purpose. Most of our clients prefer discreet work without bothering anyone in the area. So we sold off our flying lawn mower sized drones and invested in a fleet of high quality small drones. The image quality is startling.


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I have extensive experience with product photography. Company branding is essential to your business. I know how important it is for my work to represent your brand. Product photography is in a class by itself. Definitely one of the more technically challenging facets of photography.

My commercial project clients have included such well known brand names as Dove, New Balance, Malibu Rum, Sony, P&G, and many more. I realize that my corporate clients often need images shot on a tight schedule, so I offer 24/7 service for product photography. I offer Photoshop correction and manipulation.


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Food photography is usually all about the stylist. That said, many of my clients can't afford a proper stylist and we have to shoot the food as it comes out of the kitchen. Many interesting challenges with food photography.


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Ground based exterior shooting has dropped in popularity with the popularity of aerial exteriors, but there is still always a need. You give me the address, I'll check to see which way the building face and will let you know if your location looks best in the morning or evening… we will go from there.


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Mostly corporate portraits. I will come to your office, set up, and shoot all day to photograph your entire staff.


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Interiors are always an interesting challenge. Recreating the ambiance of a location is essential. Interior designers and architects want to see their vision presented in proper space and color. There are often multiple light sources (windows, sun, light bulbs, colored light shades, etc), each of them bringing a color cast to its area of influence. Always a challenge.

I regularly work with clients ranging from interior designers who require perfect light and color control, to real-estate agents who just need high-quality snapshots on a budget.


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Events are a unique type of shoot, and are always exciting. As a photographer, it is a greater challenge to capture meaningful imagery when I have no control of what will happen next. This is where years and years of experience come into play. It is an art form all its own to be able to pre-visualize what is getting ready to happen and capture it. Whether for a wedding, family event, corporate event or more, Events are always exciting to shoot.


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This gallery is all about art. Perfect for restaurants, small shops, and more. This gallery is mostly comprised of flower close-ups, but you will also find quite a selection of art photos in various locations.



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In need of a portrait for business, personal, or social networking? Are you an aspiring model, actor, or clothing designer working on your portfolio?

Every face is different, every body has strengths to highlight and weaknesses to downplay. I don't just throw lights up in a classic portrait formation, I take the time to find your strengths and bring them to the images. As with most types of photography, great lighting is essential and IS the difference between a snapshot and a professional image.


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This is my pet project. The BetterHalf project is probably the work I am most passionate about. There is a story to the BetterHalf gallery that I will share in the gallery. But the essence of the project is to reunite women with the beautiful, sensual side of themselves. The part of them that is often lost or forgotten in the day to day grind of being a mom, a wife, an employee. This new project has been a fascinating experience for me, and for the "mommy-models" who I've photographed.

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