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You are here because you want to look beyond the portfolios and dig deeper. In this section you will find plenty of information about Talkingbox Digital Media Group, LLC and Matt Abourezk. In the About section you can learn about our history, our services, our clients, and the equipment we use.
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About Matt

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I’ve been a photographer for 35+ years and have owned Talkingbox for more than 22 years. It was a natural progression to apply my skills as a still photographer to create beautiful motion video.

Photo Services

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Photography is much more than just snapping the shutter. In addition to a never-ending shopping list of equipment, photography is about understanding the needs of clients.

Video Services

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We’ve produced literally thousands of videos for television, broadband, presentations, kiosks, corporate communications, and much more.

Our Clients

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We have amassed an impressive list of world-class clients. You can rest assured that we are prepared to meet all of your photography and video needs.

What's New?

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Photography and video are stuck in a never-ending cycle of technology upgrades. Take a look here to find out what new toys we bring to the table to give you the most bang for your hard-earned dollar.


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Photographers and video production companies! We are always interested in collaborating. Please take a look at our capabilities and equipment pages.

I was honored to be interviewed by Larry Jordan for the Digital Production Buzz. The 18 minute audio-only interview covered topics ranging from my career to clients to equipment. Click the BUZZ if you would like to listen.

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